What Does PPEC Mean?

The letters P P E C stand for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care.

Prescribed means that a physician will write an order for a medically fragile child to attend one of our nursing centers.

Children that attend our centers receive the nursing care they need and any PT, OT and ST therapies they may require.

We also provide a daily experience in early childhood education centered around the developmental needs of each child. We are the ONLY National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accredited nursing center in Florida.

Our integrated focus of nursing, therapy and education helps each child reach their fullest potential.

Our nurses, therapists and certified preschool teachers are passionate about their profession and love every child attending our centers!

The free flowing, open concept design of our centers inspire a nurturing, interactive, and collaborative environment in which our children thrive.

Who attends PPEC?

Medically fragile infants and children who require skilled care by Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses may attend our PPECs up to 12 hours daily or during school holidays. We offer a wide range of clinical interventions including oxygen administration, tracheostomy care, tube feedings, apnea monitoring and ventilator management. Other specialized nursing care includes medication administration, including IVs, and monitoring seizure, cardiac, respiratory and GI conditions.

Who Pays for PPEC?

Our PPEC centers accept Medicaid, Children's Medical Services Network and Medicaid HMOs. We work with most major private insurances, subject to plan benefits for PPEC. Our knowledgeable staff handles all required paperwork. We work with each child's physician to obtain orders, create a detailed plan of care and secure insurance authorization. We know how to minimize admission delay by streamlining the process!

Is Transportation available for PPEC?

Our centers open at 6am so parents can drop off their child on the way to work or school. The centers are open until 7pm so parents can pick up their child after work or school. Our own Medical transport buses, for Medicaid eligible children, can pick up from the child's home and deliver to the center, and pick up from the center and deliver the child home. Bus pick up and drop off times are coordinated with parents. Our RNs, LPNs or EMTs accompany every bus trip.

Tour one of our centers today!

We want parents to visit our centers, meet our team of professionals and experience our spacious, clean and open design environments in person. We'd love to meet you! 


Helping our PPEC children live the healthiest life possible is our passion!